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I HELP METAL & HARDCORE ARTISTS maintain a strong brand BY DEVELOPING THEIR ideas INTO SIGNATURE TRACKS THAT BUIld & Retain THEIR fanbase & brand long-term

you got a million riffs, now let's turn them into hits

you get stuck and second-guess your parts because it doesn't "feel natural".

So when will it feel "natural"? The time you spend perfecting that one song or album can cost you thousands of loyal fans and real exposure to the industry.

You thought about producing yourself.

But you're an artist, and you need to focus on being one. People turn their attention to an artist who invests wisely in their brand, as an artist.  Your sound goes hand-in-hand with your image.

You work on being an artist, and let a producer use their expertise to help your image as an artist.


you don't think your music stands out, the market is too saturated!

That's completely fair! While everyone is trying to be the next Periphery, you can be creating something new to stand out and be the next potential trendsetter. Give people a reason to garner interest in your signature sound.

all in all, you want to stand-out and build a life-long career with your music.


Hey, I'm Tyler

I still remember the feeling of excitement and disappointment when I released my first record in 2015. Despite my hard work, it fell flat and went nowhere. I couldn't help but wonder, what went wrong?  I was blindly following the djent hype-train, which had already lost steam by then. My online presence was nonexistent, and I was throwing money at paid ads hoping for some exposure. It obviously didn't work. But as I started working with other musicians, I realized that my struggles were not unique. A lot of artists were going through the same motions, repeating the same mistakes. How can I help these artists achieve their goals better? What was the solution?

Joining my band Mara Bloom was a turning point in my musical journey. As I struggled to find ways to grow our fanbase, I knew I had to take risks and do something different. I started experimenting with different genres and styles, looking for inspiration beyond the confines of post-hardcore. I looked to and took inspiration from Japanese math rock, and knew that I had to mesh sounds from the genre with our existing style and create something truly unique. At this point, we were slowly getting noticed, and our music was resonating with audiences. Through this experience, I learned that standing out will get you far. 

Since then, I've carried this belief into my production world and have helped artists find their unique, signature sound, stay true to themselves without completely copying their favorite bands, and release consistently to help build and retain their brand.


here's how I help artists
achieve this

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Mara bloom

Yes, this is my band. Before I was in Mara Bloom, I was their producer tasked with turning phone recordings into finalized, release-ready productions.

We got together and worked on the songs from the ground up. We figured out the structure and added elements of Japanese city pop to the already established Post-Hardcore sound.

The result is something truly unique and incredibly catchy.

Listen to the original phone recording and final production of CCC below:


Songs produced/ghost-written for various artists

Progressive Metalcore
00:00 / 03:04
Melodic Metalcore
00:00 / 03:38
00:00 / 02:13
Electronic Metal
00:00 / 03:23
00:00 / 03:08

Recent CLient work

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Feid Israel, mara bloom

"Tyler is both knowledgeable and proficient, and a great asset to anyone looking for high quality mixing, mastering, and producing services. He was helpful and thorough throughout the whole process, and helped us get the most out of our songs. Very much recommended, especially for metal/rock, which he can do wizardly stuff with."
Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 11.21.02 PM.png

matt buchanan, closer still

"Working with Tyler on our new ep. has been an absolute pleasure. He is extremely professional in every sense of the word. We challenged him with a more post hardcore sound than he had previously been accustomed to, coming from a more metal world. He listened to all our sound references, adapted accordingly, and made our songs sound better than we ever thought possible."
Miro Kiiski.jpeg

miro kiiski, mastering engineer

"Tyler is such a great producer and mixing engineer! Had him in a project to write some post-production to few songs and those post-production layers elevated the songs to a whole new level!! 🔥 He also knows his way around creating guitar, bass and drum tones that CRUSH!"


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