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58% of young adults in 2021 are likely to discover new music on their favorite streaming apps.

- source: marketingcharts.com

It's likely that 100% of them will skip over your record if it sounds like s***.

Your music is your first impression to the world. If you give listeners the wow factor, you will create lifelong fans.

Mixing is the #1 way for listeners to take your music seriously. Do NOT screw that up.



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Genre: Post-Hardcore
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
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Genre: Post-Hardcore
Genre: Progressive Metal
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Genre: Pop Rock
Genre: Hardcore
Genre: Metalcore
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Genre: Thrash Metal

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Here's the cliff-notes version of the process. Yes, it's this simple.

Get in touch by filling out the Contact Form at the bottom of the site. This is where we'll figure out exactly what's needed to deliver the greatest possible outcome.

Next, you'll send over your tracks for servicing. We'll go back and forth through an easy, transparent revision process and settle on mixes that you are satisfied with.

The finalized mixes will then be delivered to your inbox, ready to be released on all available streaming platforms.

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Kai Rivera, Solo Guitarist

Tyler Hauser is one of the most professional young musicians I’ve encountered in the past few years. His service is FIVE STAR quality due to multiple factors: consistent high quality results, extremely fast response time, and a passion for his work.

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Matthew, Guitarist of Closer Still

Working with Tyler on our new ep. has been an absolute pleasure... We look forward to working with him in the very near future on more releases. If you are looking to take your music to a new level of professional sound, we could not recommend him more.


Feid, Vocalist for Meraki

Tyler is both knowledgeable and proficient, and a great asset to anyone looking for high quality mixing, mastering, and producing services. He was helpful and thorough throughout the whole process, and helped us get the most out of our songs.


You're probably thinking... who the f*** is this guy?

I'm Tyler, an audio-engineer-producer-guy and I LOVE loud, disgusting, heavy tunes. If I'm not writing music for my band, I'm mixing records for other kickass metal bands.


But, I'm in the business of engineering experiences and great first impressions for heavy artists. You'll work with someone who knows your genre and knows exactly what it takes to make you sound sick af.

Look, there are millions of kids out there ready to be moved by a killer record. My goal is to get that kid at your show rocking your merch and swatting HELLA bees in the pit after listening to your record. Ultimately, my mixes are here to help you stand out.




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